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07.14.2017  |  

Programs & Partnerships in Chicago’s Public Schools

Many principals look to the city of Chicago as a resource by using local organizations to establish programs in their schools. “As a principal and leader within this learning community…

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07.07.2017  |  ,

It’s Time for Some Good News

With all of the stories covering CPS’ challenging year, it would be easy to forget how hard Chicago’s education professionals have been working to keep our children moving forward, and…

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Including Parents in a Child’s Educational Journey

For Principal LaTarsha Green, Marquette Elementary School is more than just a workplace. “[The school] is really an extension of who I am and who I want to be,” she…

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10.21.2016  |  

A Letter to Chicago’s Principals: Thank You!

To our beloved principals, October marks National Principal Appreciation Month, and to kick it off, we wanted to share our gratitude for each of you. As former principals ourselves, we…

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08.26.2016  |  ,

Q&A with Principal Sharnette Sims of York Alternative High School

Sharnette Sims, principal of York Alternative School, does everything in her power to provide a quality education for all of her students. With a background in special education, Principal Sims…

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08.19.2016  |  , , ,

Q&A with Principal Dan Redmond

Note from The Fund team: At Durkin Park Elementary School, Principal Dan Redmond is about educating the entire community, not just students. Check out our Q&A to learn more about his…

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Q&A: Principal Tim Devine

Note from The Fund Team: Tim Devine was taught the importance of civic engagement from a young age. Many of his family members were active members of government. He attributes his…

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06.03.2016  |  , ,

Day in the Life: Principal Elizabeth Alvarez

Note from The Fund Team: While there is no such thing as an “typical day,” for a principal, we did our best to find out what principals do every day to…

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Additional Learning Opportunities; A Vision for Greatness - Barton Dassinger from Chicago Public Education Fund on Vimeo.

Additional Learning Opportunities

Barton Dassinger began his teaching career in 1998, as a Teach For America (TFA) teacher in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. In 2000, he moved to Chicago and joined Cesar…

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