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Principal Perspective

03.31.2017  |  

The Principalship in Chicago

There is no city like Chicago, and there is no school district like Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Chicago outsizes most school districts ranking third in student enrollment serving around 400,000…

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More Than a Principal

A Chicago public school principal is truly a jack of all trades. On top of their daily work, our principals take on many other roles. They are teachers, advisors, coaches, counselors, parents,…

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What Excites You About the Future of Education?

Education is an ever-changing entity. There are new policies, innovations and iterations to curriculum and techniques to improve student success. We interviewed Chicago principals and heard what excites them about the future of…

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Why is Being a Principal the Best Job?

We interviewed Chicago Public Schools principals to dig deep and find out why they think being a principal is the best job for them. Here’s what they said… “It’s a…

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Choosing to Lead and Stay in Chicago

Note from The Fund: Serena Peterson-Klosa is the principal of Christian Ebinger Elementary School on Chicago’s Northside in the Edison Park community. She is an alum of the inaugural 2014-15…

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Principal Perspective: Dolores Cupp of Hurley Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster School

Note from The Fund team: Happy Friday! We’re delighted to bring you another Principal Perspective post this week. Dolores Cupp leads Hurley Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster School, and she is…

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Principal Perspective: Karin Breo of CICS Irving Park

Note from The Fund team: This week, we’re bringing you our second principal perspective post. We can’t wait for you to meet another terrific school leader who also went through our…

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Principal Perspective: Dr. LeViis A. Haney of Lovett Elementary

Note from The Fund team: Happy Friday! Today, it is our immense pleasure to feature our first post written BY a Chicago Public Schools principal. We’re excited for you to…

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