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Principals Leaning on Each Other

Being a principal can be lonely, and many ask for more time to collaborate with other principals. See how principals are taking charge and creating their own informal networks, as…

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04.07.2017  |  

Education “Genes”

Starting at a young age, Principal Melissa Sweazy’s parents told her that she had a social responsibility to help those around her. Her method of impact is education because she…

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03.31.2017  |  

The Principalship in Chicago

There is no city like Chicago, and there is no school district like Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Chicago outsizes most school districts ranking third in student enrollment serving around 400,000…

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03.24.2017  |  

SDP Spotlight: What IS the SAMS Process?

Today’s post is guest authored by Latrese T. Mathis, Principal of John Hay Community Academy. Time is always a challenge for principals. And effectively delegating important tasks to your team…

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03.17.2017  |  

SDP Spotlight: Opportunities with Time

Today’s post is guest authored by Clariza Dominicci, Principal of Marvin Camras Children’s Engineering School. I have been the proud principal of Marvin Camras Children’s Engineering School since 2013. In my time…

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03.10.2017  |  

SDP Spotlight: Providing Time for Teachers to Collaborate

Today’s guest post is authored by Olimpia Bahena, Principal of Talcott Fine Arts and Museum Academy. Olimpia led teams through the Summer Design Program in 2014 and 2016.  I have…

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03.03.2017  |  

SDP Spotlight: Prioritizing Instructional Leadership

Note from The Fund team: We’re releasing applications for our 2017 Summer Design Program next week, and we’re featuring principal stories from last year’s cohort all month! This post is…

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Going from Good to Great

Today’s guest post is written by Jessica Reisner, Principal of Tarkington School of Excellence.  I’m in my second year as a Chicago public school principal. As the principal of Tarkington School…

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Leveraging Peers and Data to Improve a School

Today’s guest post is written by Lori Zaimi, principal of Peirce Elementary School.  I’m in my second year as a Chicago Public Schools principal. Having started as a teacher 17…

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