Discover Series Design Studios

Amount: $55,000 (and staff time)

Fund: 4


Along with our Summer Design Program (SDP) partner, TrueSchool Studio, The Fund hosts a series of Design Studio workshops each spring to introduce Chicago educators to design thinking in education. Design Studios last approximately two hours, contain a series of interactive activities for participants, and serve as initial preparation for educators who might be interested in assembling a school-based team to apply for and join the SDP.

Participants in Design Studios have opportunities to engage with other individuals and institutions working to transform student learning; learn about new models, approaches and innovations in other schools in Chicago and across the country; and receive additional support and/or funding to continue building, expanding and implementing innovative ideas.

In addition to providing facilitation, logistics and launch awards, The Fund provides evaluation support for launched innovations and will share findings and promising practices throughout the Innovative Educator Network (consisting of all participants in our Discover, SDP, Breakthrough or Solutions programming) and the broader Chicago education community.


  • ┬áMore than 110 educators participated in a Design Studio in 2015, and over 80 participated in 2014.