Innovative Educator Network

Amount: $2,750,000

Fund: 4


Launched in summer 2013, The Fund’s Innovative Educator Network (The Network) unites high-performing educators willing to re-think the way they use talent, technology and time to transform student learning citywide. The Network consists of several program elements:

– Design Studios, in which CPS teachers and principals receive an introduction to design thinking and problem solving in education.

– The Summer Design Program (SDP), in which school-based teams of a principal and two or three teachers engage in a series of workshops designed to clarify a school-based academic challenge, identify new or known solutions in Chicago and elsewhere, and plan a classroom, grade-level or school-wide implementation.

– Breakthrough Schools: Chicago, a $2 million competition for school designers and other entrepreneurial educators to develop and launch next-generation schools in Chicago that provide personalized instruction.

– The Chicago Principals Fellowship, a rigorous, yearlong program designed to support and retain top public school principals by providing what many are asking for: differentiated professional development opportunities that help them continue to grow professionally in the leadership of their schools, teachers and students.

– Case Studies and Reports, through which we provide examples of good practice within Chicago’s public schools by profiling principals with timely, innovative solutions to complex challenges.


  • More than 800 educators from more than 90 Chicago public schools have joined The Network.