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Fund 1
$10 million


Fund 1 established a new, higher bar of quality for teachers and principals through seed investments in organizations that recruit, train and support talented leaders for Chicago's public schools.

Fund 2
$15 million


With a new bar established, Fund 2 expanded the number of great educators across Chicago's schools through investments in new certification programs, and pioneered new ways of supporting teachers and principals.

"The Fund has provided me with the resources and relationships necessary to make my student-centered vision for teaching and learning a reality, leading to positive gains in academic outcomes and school culture. There is no greater champion for principal leadership and student success in Chicago than The Fund."

Lovett Elementary School
Dr. LeViis Haney, Principal
Fund 3
$20 million


With more high-quality educators in the city's schools, Fund 3 focused on Chicago's ability to identify, support and keep talented educators through investments in aligned teacher, principal and school evaluation systems.

Fund 4
$25 million


Fund 4 investments are on track to more than double the number of high-performing principals in Chicago's public schools by 2018, and are supporting these leaders as they transform and accelerate student learning across the city.

Our Investments

The Fund believes that solutions to the challenges in public schools exist. We devote time, leverage data and invest in programs and initiatives that enable Chicago to attract, support and keep strong principals.

Chicago principals trained or supported by Fund investments
Average number of students impacted by one Chicago principal
Invested by The Fund to improve Chicago's public schools
Our Next Phase

Why now?

In fall 2017, The Fund will launch fundraising efforts to support our next phase of work; a $25 million effort to build the systems required to make principal quality an enduring aspect of Chicago's school improvement strategy, while unlocking the potential for innovative leadership citywide. With continued support from the corporate, philanthropic and nonprofit communities, we will make permanent the gains of the last decade.

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We know how hard principals work and how important their leadership is. This fall, we're kicking off a campaign to make sure everyone knows it, too.

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