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Since 2002, nearly 40 percent of Chicago’s principals and 10 percent of the city’s teachers have directly benefited from a Fund-related program. Over that same period, talented principals have led educators to narrow the achievement gap between Chicago’s elementary school students and their Illinois peers from 22 percent to six percent. What’s more, they helped raise graduation rates from 47 percent to 74.5 percent and increased performance on the ACT by 1.7 points. The growing number of strong educators in our schools means tens of thousands of our students are better prepared for success in our global economy.

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Principal Data and Analytics
  • Amount: $610,000 (and staff time)
  • Fund: 4,
  • Focus Area: System,
  • Year: 2014-15

To both make informed investments and evaluate our past impact, The Fund has(...)

Chicago Public Schools Working Groups
  • Amount: $30,000 (and staff time)
  • Fund: 4,
  • Focus Area: System,
  • Year: 2015

Starting in August 2015, The Fund supported the activities of three Working Groups,(...)

Fulcrum Education Solutions (Instructional Coaching)
  • Amount: $22,500
  • Fund: 4,
  • Focus Area: Innovation and Programs,
  • Year: 2016

To provide principals with targeted, differentiated in-role supports, The Fund made grants to(...)

CPS Leadership Recruitment
  • Amount: $300,000
  • Fund: 3,
  • Focus Area: System,
  • Year: 2009-12

The Fund played the lead role in three c-suite searches to develop a(...)

Chicago Executive Leadership Academy
  • Amount: $380,000
  • Fund: 3,
  • Focus Area: Innovation and Programs,
  • Year: 2011-12

When it began, the Chicago Executive Leadership Academy (CELA) was a pioneering effort(...)

Human Capital Strategic Planning
  • Amount: $1,000,000
  • Fund: 3,
  • Focus Area: Policy, System,
  • Year: 2009

The Fund organized and facilitated a collaborative effort between CPS leadership and The(...)

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