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Since 2002, nearly 40 percent of Chicago’s principals and 10 percent of the city’s teachers have directly benefited from a Fund-related program. Over that same period, talented principals have led educators to narrow the achievement gap between Chicago’s elementary school students and their Illinois peers from 22 percent to six percent. What’s more, they helped raise graduation rates from 47 percent to 74.5 percent and increased performance on the ACT by 1.7 points. The growing number of strong educators in our schools means tens of thousands of our students are better prepared for success in our global economy.

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Teacher Selection Tool / Polaris
  • Amount: $120,000
  • Fund: 3,
  • Focus Area: Policy,
  • Year: 2010-11

The Fund supported the pilot and validation of the Polaris Assessment Systems Job(...)

Strategic Learning Initiatives
  • Amount: $270,000
  • Fund: 1,
  • Focus Area: Innovation and Programs,
  • Year: 2002-04

Strategic Learning Initiatives (SLI) is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization working with schools serving(...)

The VIVA Project of Chicago
  • Amount: $20,000
  • Fund: 3,
  • Focus Area: Innovation and Programs,
  • Year: 2011-12

This investment led to an unprecedented level of citywide teacher engagement and collaboration(...)

External Principal Recruitment
  • Amount: $400,000
  • Fund: 2, 3,
  • Focus Area: System,
  • Year: 2007-09

The Fund contracted a consultant who identified and recruited these leaders and framed(...)

Illinois State University, National Board Resource Center
  • Amount: $400,000
  • Fund: 1,
  • Focus Area: System,
  • Year: 2000-03

In order to promote state-level support for National Board Certification, The Fund invested(...)

The Fund’s National Board Certification Incentives
  • Amount: $2,450,000
  • Fund: 1, 2,
  • Focus Area: Innovation and Programs,
  • Year: 2000

The Fund’s unprecedented incentive program attracted additional dollars to the table — the(...)

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