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Chicago Principals Fellowship

The Chicago Principals Fellowship is a 12-month program that serves Chicago’s top public school principals.

With an annual cohort of up to 30 principals, the Fellowship represents a new strand of executive leadership development, designed for and with Chicago’s most talented principals. The Fellowship is a partnership between Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and Northwestern University, and is supported by an investment from The Fund.

Fellows participate in a rigorous executive leadership program provided by the Center for Nonprofit Management at the Kellogg School of Management and the School for Education and Social Policy, both at Northwestern. They also receive a leadership evaluation, participate in group leadership coaching and meet monthly with CPS leadership to learn about and develop district policy. To participate, all Principal Fellows commit to continuing to lead in CPS for at least three years.

The Fund invests in the Chicago Principals Fellowship with the goal of supporting nearly 100 of Chicago’s top public school principals over four years – and, ultimately, retaining our best principals by creating the best training, recruitment, in-role development opportunities in the nation. The Chicago Principals Fellowship impacts not only our school leaders, but Chicago’s students, teachers, families and communities for years to come.

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