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Past Fellows

2014-15 Chicago Principal Fellows:
2015-16 Chicago Principal Fellows:
2016-17 Chicago Principal Fellows:
  • Peter Auffant – James Shields Middle School
  • Michael Biela – Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy High School
  • Karen Boran – John Hancock College Preparatory High School
  • Christopher Brake – Norman A. Bridge Elementary School
  • Carol Devens-Falk – Daniel J. Corkery Elementary School
  • Otis Dunson – George Armstrong International Studies Elementary School
  • Carolyn Eggert – DeVry University Advantage Academy High School
  • Joshua Emmett – CICS Northtown High School
  • Clifford Gabor – Mary Lyon Elementary School
  • Lindsey Girard – CICS Loomis Primary
  • Shontae Higginbottom – Edward A. Bouchet Math & Science Academy Elementary School
  • William Klee – Jonathan Burr Elementary School
  • Julie McGlade – John W. Garvy Elementary SchooL
  • Wendy Oleksy – Christopher Columbus Elementary School
  • Ekaterini Panagakis – Charles H. Wacker Elementary School
  • Anna Pavichevich – Roald Amundsen High School
  • Daniel Perry – James E. McDade Elementary Classical School
  • Jennifer Reid – Noble Street Charter School – Rauner College Prep
  • Erin Roche – William H. Prescott Elementary School
  • Raquel Saucdeo – Salmon P. Chase Elementary School
  • Fareeda Shabazz – Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School
  • Angela Sims – Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center
  • Melissa Sweazy – UCSN Esmeralda Santiago
  • Joanne Tanner – UCSN Carlos Fuentes
  • Ricardo Trujillo – James Monroe Elementary School
2016-17 Cahn Fellows:
  • July Cyrwus – Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School
  • Joshua Long – Southside Occupational Academy High School
  • Shenethe Parks – Bret Harte Elementary School
  • Serena Peterson-Klosa – Christian Ebinger Elementary School
  • Femi Skanes – Al Raby High School for Community & Environment
  • Stacy Stewart – Belmont-Cragin Elementary sCHOOL
  • Chad Weiden – Edgebrook Elementary School
  • Michelle R. Willis – Frank L. Gillespie Elementary School
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