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2016 Professional Learning Communities

The Fund supported seven Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in the 2016-17 school year. PLC topics were developed based on principal interest in the subject, and PLC principal leaders were identified based on demonstrated expertise in each given topic.

PLC leaders developed the curriculum, structure and impact measurement of their PLCs. They facilitated at least four in-person sessions with their groups, in addition to at least two one-on-one meetings with each member. Between sessions, PLC participants worked on implementing changes in their specific topic areas to help improve student outcomes and implement new systems in their schools.

The 2016-17 PLC topics and leaders were:
  • Data Utilization – Barton Dassinger, Cesar E. Chavez Multicultural Academic Center
  • Taking a School from Good to Great – Melissa Zaikos, Intrinsic Schools
  • Aspiring High School Leaders – Gregory Jones, Kenwood Academy High School
  • Transitions form 8th to 9th Grade – Rick Trujillo and Bryan Quinlan, James Monroe Elementary School
  • Supporting Dual Language – Olimpia Bahena, Talcott Fine Arts and Museum Academy
  • Providing Support to Diverse Learners – Manda Lukic, Daniel Beard Elementary School
  • Implementing Balanced Literacy in Primary Grades – Heather Yutzy, Hiram Belding Elementary School


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