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Culture & Climate Track

School teams working with UChicago Impact will focus on improving their school’s Culture and Climate (measured via the 5Essentials framework) with regular job-embedded coaching, small-group collaboratives and innovative tools and techniques.

Meet the School Teams:
  • Air Force Academy High School
  • Clara Barton Elementary School
  • Brighton Park Elementary School
  • Burnside Elementary Scholastic Academy
  • Daniel R. Cameron Elementary School
  • Marvin Camras Elementary School
  • Thomas Chalmers Specialty Elementary School
  • Chicago Technology Academy High School
  • CICS – Loomis Primary
  • CICS – Prairie
  • Grover Cleveland Elementary School
  • Oscar DePriest Elementary School
  • Fairfield Elementary Academy
  • Foundations College Preparatory Charter School
  • Robert Fulton Elementary School
  • John Milton Gregory Elementary School
  • Julia Ward Howe Elementary School of Excellence
  • Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative High School
  • Legacy Charter School
  • The Montessori School of Englewood Charter
  • William B. Ogden Elementary School
  • Frank W. Reilly Elementary School
  • Nicholas Senn High School
  • Spencer Technology Academy
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