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Talent Track

Principals will work with the National SAM Innovations Project (NSIP) to implement the celebrated SAM Process, including the TimeTrack and First Responder systems, to enable true instructional leadership. NSIP helps principals decrease their time spent on operational tasks and spend time where it really matters: in classrooms, with students.

Meet the School Teams:
  • John J. Audubon Elementary School
  • William J. Bogan High School
  • Bowen High School
  • Willa Cather Elementary School
  • Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School
  • George W. Curtis Elementary School
  • Frederick Funston Elementary School
  • Stephen F. Gale Elementary Community Academy
  • Charles Kozminski Elementary Community Academy
  • Stephen T. Mather High School
  • Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
  • Lillian R. Nicholson STEM Academy
  • Alfred Nobel Elementary School
  • Pilsen Elementary Community Academy
  • William C Reavis Math & Science Specialty Elementary School
  • Maria Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy
  • Charles Sumner Math & Science Community Academy Elementary School
  • Woodlawn Community Elementary School
Summer Design Program

2017 Time Track

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We aim to serve more than 600 principals and 380,000 students by 2023, with an emphasis on our most vulnerable schools.

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We launched the city's first-ever Principal Appreciation Campaign, and one thing is clear: Chicago is proud of its principals.