Alene Mason

Scott Joplin Elementary School

About Alene Mason

Ms. Alene Mason is the principal of Scott Joplin Elementary School, where she has been the principal for 9 years. She is a passionately motivated educator driven by the success of all children. Alene works tirelessly to ensure the best for her school community. She holds high expectations and believes in empowering lives and making a difference results in a positive impact on the community. Cambridge Who’s Who recognized her for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in education.

With 17 years of experience in education, Alene started as a teacher, then rose to teacher leader, Network Math/Science coach, assistant principal and now the proud principal of Scott Joplin School. Her career in education has been fueled by her vision to help change the lives of others. Ms. Mason believes that all children can learn given the proper resources and the opportunity. Her theme for this year tells her story: “This is the year of owning opportunities, exceeding all expectations and achieving greatness.”

Alene values meaningful collaboration with other driven educators seeking to have lasting impacts on the success of all students. She follows her philosophy with action to make lives better.  She is effective, efficient and makes an everlasting impression on everyone she meets; she empowers others.