Carolyn Jones

Perkins Bass Elementary School

About Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones is the principal at Perkins Bass Elementary School (Bass). Carolyn advocates for strong instructional foundations built with partnerships throughout the school community. Through her transformational leadership she established an environment of academic excellence, trust, ownership and efficacy. The Bass Eagles are college-and-career-focused scholars, who strive to meet all expectations to enhance their growth and development.

Over the past five years as principal at Bass, Carolyn developed essential partnerships with over 10 local organizations in order to continue to foster academic and social emotional excellence.

Carolyn started her career as a classroom teacher, and instructional coach, over 10 years ago. Carolyn knew that she needed increase her impact beyond the classroom to make a difference in the lives as many children as possible. Changing the educational landscape and trajectories of students became her goal. This goal set the stage for Carolyn to become a principal.

The EAC supports the continued growth she strives for to transform the school community. This opportunity allows other educators and principals throughout the city of Chicago to impact her instructional leadership. Through the sharing of best practices and cross-pollinating experiences, she looks forward to enhancing the learning environment at Bass.