Jessica Reisner

Tarkington School of Excellence

About Jessica Reisner

Jessa Reisner is the principal at Tarkington School of Excellence, an Academy for Urban School Leadership training academy for pre-service teachers. In the 2015- 2016 school year, Jessa focused on bringing a rigorous and unified curriculum to the school to support high school preparedness and access.  In addition, Jessa focused on building teacher leadership by creating an Instructional Leadership Team to support collaboration throughout the school. As a result, student achievement increased with NWEA growth and attainment.

In the past, Jessa served as the Resident Principal at Wendell Green Elementary (Wendell Green), where she led the primary department and created a plan for intervention and acceleration for middle school which resulted in Wendell Green becoming a 1+ school. Jessa was also the Junior Grade Level Chair and AP English teacher at Wendell Phillips Academy High School, where she established a college-going culture, which resulted in the highest ACT scores to date.

Jessa believes that a commitment to education is the best investment you can make in yourself. She works every day to make sure that her students are supported to make that investment in themselves. She is excited to join the Educator Advisory Committee to continue to learn alongside educators committed to improving the educational experience for the students of Chicago.