Jody Boutell

Pritzker Foundation

About Jody Boutell

Jody Boutell is the Program Director for The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation (PTFF), which invests in people and programs that enrich the life experiences of Chicago’s children. With a strong focus on improving schools, the foundation seeks leaders, programs and ideas that will positively impact student learning. In addition to education, the Foundation extends its support to programs that promote health and fitness and an appreciation of arts and culture.

Jody also serves as the liaison between PSP Capital Partners and its adoption and support of Lorraine Hansberry College Prep in the Englewood neighborhood. Hansberry is part of the Noble Network of Charter Schools which strives to prepare low income students with the scholarship, discipline and honor to succeed in college and to lead exemplary lives.

For nearly 17 years, Jody has worked in various administrative capacities for Pritzker family business entities, including The Pritzker Organization and Pritzker Realty Group. Over the years, she has organized numerous events supporting Pritzker Traubert family interests supported by PTFF. She also helped establish and support Chicago Run, which encourages Chicago public school children to make running a daily activity.

Jody’s community involvement focuses on her Roscoe Village neighborhood. She is the President of the Hamlin Park Advisory Council (HPAC), a group of community volunteers who work to improve Hamlin Park grounds, facilities and programming to better serve local families. Jody also sits on the Chicago Board for Bottom Line.

She lives in Chicago with her husband and two children. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Michigan State University.