John Barker

Chicago Public Schools

About John Barker

A Tennessee native, John Barker joined CPS in January 2013 having learned the challenges of an urban school district through his work in Memphis as both Chief of Staff to the district’s superintendent, and as head of Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Student Information for five years. In Memphis, John oversaw the district’s Data Dashboard, which measures progress against the district’s strategic goals.

John joined Dr. Barbara Byrd-Bennett’s team as a nationally recognized thought leader in public education, and he considers it a privilege to do what he feels is his gift – encouraging, motivating and inspiring others while connecting them with information that makes them more efficient and effective every day.

As Chief Accountability Officer for CPS, John oversees the work of directors and their teams in Access & Enrollment, strategic planning, student testing, performance data, research and evaluation, and the deployment of strategic support aimed at improving the lives of all students and stakeholders. In his role, John worked with stakeholders across the city to build a comprehensive accountability strategy, and assembled a departmental team to support the new work.

Barker has Barker holds a PhD in Education and Human Development and a masters’ degree in Public Policy from Vanderbilt University. He has served on the graduate faculty of the College of Education at the University of Memphis and brings nearly 20 years of professional experience in education to Chicago Public Schools.