Raquel Saucedo

Salmon P. Chase Elementary School

About Raquel Saucedo

Raquel Saucedo is the principal at Chase Elementary School where she served as an assistant principal before accepting her first contract in 2011. She is dedicated to improving the learning environment and increasing student academic success. Chase received Exemplary status from the Office of Social & Emotional Learning and the Pre-School- Gold Circle of Quality Award. In 2016, Raquel and the Chase Math instructional team were recognized for their work in building teacher collaboration and professional learning.

Raquel believes in public service. After working for the Illinois State Senate and serving in the Peace Corp, she decided to focus on public education in 2000. She began her career as an educator, then spent seven years in the Talent Office of Chicago Public Schools (CPS). During her time in Talent, she worked to attract and retain quality teachers.

As a strong proponent of public education, Raquel knows that any child can achieve academic success if they have quality teachers and leaders guiding them. She believes that her experiences as a CPS student and school leader will be useful in the development of initiatives and policies that will have positive outcomes for all CPS students.