Suzanne V. Mazenis-Luzzi

Jungman Elementary School

About Suzanne V. Mazenis-Luzzi

Suzanne V. Mazenis-Luzzi was born and raised in Chicago. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Lewis University, and a Master’s degree in School Leadership and Administration from Concordia University.

The early part of her career was spent teaching in high needs areas within the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) on the South Side. Suzanne was also a Math and Science coach, and Network ISL before undertaking her principalship.  Currently, Suzanne serves the Pilsen Community as the principal at Jungman Elementary School. In just her first year, the school went from a Level 2 to Level 1.

Suzanne believes first and foremost that every student can learn and should have access and opportunity to a great education. She also believes that to move the needle for students we need to focus on building capacity of teachers and teacher leaders, concentrate the school’s work on a few high impact initiatives and establish consistent systems and structures that support teaching and learning. Suzanne sat on committees that assisted in the implementation of Common Core and the PARCC assessment. She had the privilege of presenting on the CCSS and Assessments to Chicago Principals, Chiefs and Central Office staff.

Suzanne is vested in improving outcomes for the children of Chicago and hopes that her expertise and experience will help to make a lasting impact for the students of the Chicago Public Schools.