Evidence of Promising Practices

Click below for examples of promising practices. We will add new resources for school leaders after our REACH workshop on March 21. If you have additional ideas to share, email info@thefundchicago.org.

The PQS template is a tool that allows school leaders to provide ongoing feedback to teachers in a low-stakes manner. School leaders can leave the feedback for the teacher on the spot or share in person or via email shortly after the observation. To acknowledge where his teachers are improving, School Leader Brain Metcalf uses this template at Gage Park High School to provide ongoing support after a REACH observation.

Promising Practice | No. 2

Sample Lesson Study Research Lesson

School Leader Mariel Laureano uses Lesson Study to efficiently conduct all aspects of REACH and to maximize opportunities for instructional improvement. The example above illustrates the research proposal prepared by a group of Prieto teachers for a fifth-grade multiplication lesson. This proposal can be used as evidence for Domain 1, Planning and Preparation, and provides an opportunity for teachers to develop their skills collectively.

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