Cahn Fellowship

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Cahn Fellows!

The Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Public School Principals at Teachers College, Columbia University (Cahn Fellows Program) is a national fellowship for principals from New York City, Chicago and Newark, NJ. The program aims to strengthen public school systems by investing in its most effective school leaders through best-in-class leadership and professional development.

Since 2003, the Cahn Fellows Program has admitted an annual cohort of 20-25 principals. The Fund’s investment expands the cohort to include eight Chicago principals for its 2016-17 cohort, up from the one to two that the program has typically accepted in previous cohorts.

Through the fifteen-month program, each Fellow chooses an “ally” – an assistant principal or teacher who aspires to be a principal – to participate in the program with them. Fellows and their allies attend an intensive summer institute in New York, weekend retreats and faculty study groups. Teachers College faculty conduct regular visits to each Fellow’s school to offer on-the-ground support. Additionally, each Fellow implements a leadership project over a period of nine months.

Michelle R. Willis

Frank L. Gillespie Elementary School

Chad Weiden

Edgebrook Elementary School

Stacy Stewart

Belmont-Cragin Elementary School

Femi Skanes

Al Raby High School for Community & Environment

Serena Peterson-Klosa

Christian Ebinger Elementary School

Shenethe Parks

Bret Harte Elementary School

Joshua Long

Southside Occupational Academy High School

July Cyrwus

Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School