What We Do


Framework for Transformation

Our investment strategy is oriented toward preserving and enhancing the Chicago Public Schools principal job as one with autonomy and accountability. We are building on prior work to help establish the fundamental conditions that enable principals to lead their schools to success. As part of this effort, we are leveraging investments and significant staff time to facilitate partnerships with Chicago Public Schools, the Mayor’s Office, business and civic leaders, nonprofit organizations and the philanthropic community to promote sustainable, lasting change.


Build upon the key policy levers in place to garner support for student-based budgeting, increased principal autonomy and rigorous accountability and evaluation systems.


  • Produce two to three action reports annually, plus additional briefs as needed, that inform the actions of Chicago’s public schools and philanthropic community.
  • Increase hiring and budget autonomy, especially for high-performing principals.
  • Create, promote and facilitate a growth-focused Common Accountability Policy, with a clear parent scorecard.
  • Host annual events to share learning and advance dialogue citywide.
  • Engage educators directly in the work through the Educator Advisory Committee and other efforts.