What We Do


Innovative Educator Network (The Network)

Launched in summer 2013, The Network is a professional learning community that unites talented educators from across Chicago. These high-performing principals and teachers are committed to using time, technology and talent to drive student learning. By participating in The Network, they gain exposure to new ideas and receive support for launching innovative programs in their schools.


  • Expand on The Network’s successful launch; tailor professional development opportunities that expose highly-effective educator teams to proven models for transforming student outcomes
  • At least 50 citywide proof points that excellence is possible in non-selective public schools
  • Introduce more than 2,200 top educators to promising models and practices, and facilitate the introduction of innovative practices in public schools, with small-scale innovations developed and launched in at least 120 schools


  • Expand the Summer Design Program, which will annually support 15 to 20 principal-led teams of high-performing educators as they innovate to solve specific school and classroom challenges.
  • Produce action reports that inform the practice of scaling successful and efficient models citywide.
  • Through Breakthrough Schools: Chicago, enable six schools to be on track to convert to whole-school Next Generation models in September of 2015, with an additional 15 schools ready to plan for implementation by 2016; ultimately impacting 3,000 to 6,000 students.*
    *This investment is contingent upon the future state of innovation investments nationally and locally.