Just-In-Time Supports

The Fund also offers just-in-time supports that respond to principal needs as they arise. Since the 2014-15 school year, these have included:

  • Strategic Budgeting, presented by Afton Partners, offered financial counseling and advisory services principals in both district and charter-managed schools.
  • REACH Teacher Evaluations, featuring the principals profiled in our REACH brief, who shared promising practices to best leverage Chicago’s teacher evaluation system and engaged with peers in a collaborative session to design school-based solutions.
  • The 5Essentials, presented by UChicago Impactas a two-part workshop, wherein educators explored ways to improve culture and climate in their schools.
  • Distributed Leadership, featuring Respond-ability, wherein principals explored concepts behind distributed leadership, discussed performance management techniques and processes in order to align their work with their student achievement goals.
  • Innovative Scheduling, presented by Sensible Innovation, wherein principals learned how to utilize school schedules to best leverage time, technology and talent to create solutions for some of their most pressing challenges.


Throughout Fund 4, The Fund will continue to provide similar types of opportunities to engage and support CPS principals.