What We Do


Principal Quality Initiative

We recognize that strong leadership is critical to student success. This is why we are creating a comprehensive approach to recruiting, training, supporting and retaining the best principals in Chicago. As part of this effort, we are overseeing analyses of principal preparation and retention data, providing targeted management training around budget and teacher evaluation, and developing and implementing a retention strategy for top performers.


Grow the number of high-performing and high-potential principals from approximately 150 today to 350 by 2018 (133 percent increase).


  • Provide strategic support for a citywide leadership plan to more than double the number of high-quality principals, evaluating the current pipeline and support programs’ efficacy.
  • Pioneer the Leadership/Human Capital Funders Group through the Donors Forum. Comprised of organizations with the shared goal of securing a high-quality principal in every Chicago public school, this group will align and amplify the philanthropic community’s impact.
  • Support a narrow set of initiatives that provide principals with higher-quality teaching candidates and better hiring and managing tools, informed by summer Fund analysis of potential need and impact.