January 23, 2020 Meet The Fund

Meet Emily Ash

Emily is one of The Fund’s newest (and youngest!) staff members. A recent graduate of Northwestern University, she supports the Program team on impact evaluation, data analysis and case study projects.

Why is The Fund’s mission important?

I do this work because CPS principals inspired and encouraged me as a student. I believe leadership is crucial to the district’s growth and success.

How have you “redefined leadership” in your own life?

To me, leadership means having a relentless belief in the ability of people, teams and communities to achieve great things together and supporting teams to achieve all that is possible.

Was there an educator in your life who inspired you?

I actually have been really lucky to attend two different Chicago Public Schools under really strong principals. One of my principals had such an unwavering commitment to her school community, which has undergone basically every type of change imaginable over the last two decades. She has been a huge supporter of that school and those families. She delivered the best education imaginable for students there.

What’s one thing about your role at The Fund that might surprise people?

The sheer number of Post-It notes and spreadsheets that I create in a single day.