February 26, 2020 Meet The Fund

Meet Fortunata Blecharczyk

Fortunata (Fort) supports the organizational needs of The Fund’s office and staff as a manager on the People & Operations team. She is responsible for ensuring key financial and operational processes run smoothly and that The Fund is a productive and positive place to work. She’s also our resident expert on The Bachelor. 

Why is The Fund’s mission important?

Our work is important because it not only helps principals, it also helps teachers and – most importantly – students. I don’t get out to schools as often as I would like, but when I do I admire how hard principals work; they juggle so much. Our work helps them create better learning environments for their students.

How have you “redefined leadership” in your own life?

I have learned to put what is most important first and not stress about the small stuff. I am always trying to find ways to make myself better. For example, prior to The Fund, I worked in retail for about 25 years. I was looking to expand my career and what I wanted to do. I have already learned so much at The Fund. Since starting here, I’ve been able to deepen and broaden my skill set, which benefits me professionally – and helps The Fund.

Was there an educator in your life who inspired you?

My Italian teacher in high school. We had a strong connection because we both are from Italian heritage – my parents are from Italy – but more than that, she genuinely cared for her students. She did a lot of things to make sure that her students felt welcomed and supported. I’ll never forget our spring break trip to Italy – she took care of each student like they were her own. I still keep in touch with her.

What’s one thing about your role at The Fund that might surprise people?

According to my team members, I am the go-to person in a crisis. I enjoy being a problem-solver, from someone missing a flight to someone not feeling well at work, I jump in to make sure that team members get what they need, when they need it.