January 5, 2018 Blog, Leadership

Why is Public Education in Chicago Worth Supporting?

The great equalizer, a force for good, a universal right, proof that Chicago is leading the nation in student academic gains – there are many reasons why public education is important. We sat down with principals from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to hear what they had to say about why public education in Chicago is worth supporting.

“I think that every student deserves the opportunity to walk down the block to a school that their family feels comfortable with. I think it’s our collective responsibility as a society to provide a quality education for all students regardless of what their zip code is. More importantly, we have seen models of public education that work – that is encouragement enough for me.” Michael Abello, Piccolo School of Excellence

“Public education is what this country was built on. That is the premise of democracy — everyone gets an opportunity to get a good education. My colleagues and I are here because every child deserves a high quality, supportive and caring environment. –Manuel Adrianzen, Alfred Nobel Elementary School

“I’m a product of it – I went to John J Pershing Elementary, Edward Beasley Elementary and Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. I couldn’t imagine working in education any place but Chicago. It’s exciting to think that the same districts that I went through, I can come back and support. These kids deserve us.” –Angela Sims, Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center

“Public education is worth supporting because kids are worth supporting. The whole philosophy behind public is that it’s free. Everyone has that right and deserves to have it. Public education is the foundation of our society. You have to educate your children so that they can lead and be successful for generations to come.” –Minnie Watson, Oscar DePriest Elementary School

“This country was founded on public education. We give a lot of money to taxes, and we spend more money on military planes than on education, which is unfortunate. We need to take care of our individuals as a society, and public education is meant to do that. A strong public school should be the most solid part of a community. Our school is open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the school year. We want the community and students to be here. It should be for the community. ” –Chad Adams, Roger C. Sullivan High School

“I’m always going to believe in public education. You’re creating lifelong learners – that’s the charge. You can create systems and structures that will be the foundation for a successful community.” – Manda Lukic, Daniel C. Beard Elementary School

“Public education is an investment in a better tomorrow. That’s what working in education is — it’s an investment of faith. A society that makes that investment will see the fruits of it down the line.” –Efren Toledo, Ole A Thorp Elementary Scholastic Academy