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Fund 5

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The Fund’s independent Board of Directors and nimble investment model allow us to positively impact educator quality citywide, even in times of transition and instability.

By 2023, Fund programs will impact more than 600 principals and 380,000 students, ensuring that every student in Chicago’s public schools is learning under the leadership of a strong principal and talented educator team.

But we cannot do it alone. Continued investment from individuals and the corporate, philanthropic and nonprofit communities is required to see the potential of this work realized. Together, we can make permanent the gains of the last decade, fostering the culture of leadership our city’s principals need and the quality schools our children deserve.

For information on how to get involved, please reach out to our team at

Kassie Davis

“In supporting principals, we are playing an active role in preparing the future generation of Chicago’s leaders. We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of our previous support of The Fund’s work. Principals are clearly making an impact for our schools and students. The CME Group Foundation is proud to announce a new $1 million investment in our support of the Fund’s work to drive principal quality and accelerate innovative efforts in our public schools.”

CME Group Foundation
KASSIE DAVIS, Executive Director

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