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Since 2002, nearly 40 percent of Chicago’s principals and 10 percent of the city’s teachers have directly benefited from a Fund-related program. Over that same period, talented principals have led educators to narrow the achievement gap between Chicago’s elementary school students and their Illinois peers from 22 percent to six percent. What’s more, they helped raise graduation rates from 47 percent to 74.5 percent and increased performance on the ACT by 1.7 points. The growing number of strong educators in our schools means tens of thousands of our students are better prepared for success in our global economy.

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Additional Learning Opportunities
  • Amount: Staff time
  • Fund: 3,
  • Focus Area: System,
  • Year: 2011-12

The Fund assisted with the successful launch of an Additional Learning Opportunities (ALO)(...)

New Classrooms
  • Amount: $600,000
  • Fund: 3, 4,
  • Focus Area: Innovation and Programs,
  • Year: 2012-14

Building on the success of the Additional Learning Opportunities pilot, The Fund seeded(...)

Accountability Research
  • Amount: $85,000 (and staff time)
  • Fund: 3, 4,
  • Focus Area: Policy,
  • Year: 2012

Building on prior investments in a new teacher evaluation system for Chicago, The(...)

Innovative Educator Network
  • Amount: $2,750,000
  • Fund: 4,
  • Focus Area: Innovation and Programs,
  • Year: 2013-15

Launched in summer 2013, The Fund’s Innovative Educator Network (The Network) unites high-performing(...)

Discover Series Design Studios
  • Amount: $55,000 (and staff time)
  • Fund: 4,
  • Focus Area: Innovation and Programs,
  • Year: 2014

The Fund hosted a series of Design Studio workshops to introduce Chicago educators(...)

Principal Placement
  • Amount: $25,000 (and staff time)
  • Fund: 4,
  • Focus Area: System,
  • Year: 2014-2015

Given the need to ensure a high-quality principal in every Chicago public school,(...)

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