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Rodolfo Rojas

Edward Everett Elementary School

Rodolfo Rojas is entering his sixth year as the principal of Edward Everett Elementary School (Everett). Through his leadership and the hard work of the school staff, Everett has improved from a Level 3 to a Level 1 school on the district’s School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP). Rodolfo has also established strong partnerships with several community organizations, such as the Chicago Literacy Group and Golden Apple, to build robust leadership and instructional practices.

In the upcoming year, Rodolfo plans to continue building on Everett’s academic gains, particularly in Northwest Evaluation Assessment (NWEA) math and reading attainment, and to improve attendance. Continuing to raise these achievement standards will drive Everett closer to Level 1+ SQRP status. Rodolfo will also be implementing a new inclusive programming cluster to support the professional learning and growth of his teachers.

Rodolfo immigrated to the United States from Mexico at the age of six with his parents and nine siblings. His parents instilled in him strong values for hard work, education, service to others, self-sufficiency and pride in his culture. He is a proud product of CPS, having attended and graduated from Spry Elementary School and Farragut High School. After graduation, Rodolfo began working immediately to support himself and his family. He held a variety of jobs, including one as a security officer at a CPS elementary school. During this time, he recognized the need for more male role models in a school building who valued formal education. He began teaching and found great joy in providing a valuable service to the children in his community, but wanted to continue increasing his impact. Rodolfo returned to school to obtain a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction as well as a master’s degree in educational leadership. After almost a decade of teaching, he transitioned into an assistant principal position before receiving the opportunity to lead Everett Elementary School as its principal.

One of Rodolfo’s favorite aspects of the principal role is having the opportunity to coach teachers to ensure that every student has an optimal school experience during their formative years. His ultimate wish is to create educational opportunities that he would desire for his own children. Rodolfo is looking forward to engaging in an intensive professional learning experience through the Fellowship program. He believes that all members of a school community should be committed to lifelong learning and given the right supports, that all will rise to the highest expectations.

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