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Charles Anderson

Principal at Michele Clark Magnet High School
PLC Topic : Building A Strong Culture & Climate for Student Achievement

Charles Anderson is entering his fourth year as principal of Michele Clark High School. Prior to Michele Clark, Charles completed four years as the principal of Biedler Elementary School.  As a Westsider of Chicago, Charles has seen the community and schools go through various changes. A huge key success for Charles is building a successful bridge between the community and Michele Clark. Additionally, Charles is an advocate and teacher of restorative practices within schools.

Under Charles’ leadership, Michele Clark is working toward International Baccalaureate (IB) authorization. The school received the first Obama Civic Engagement Award and was designated a Chance School. Most recently, Michele Clark was named an Independent School Principal (ISP), which gives Charles more flexibility in how he leads his school.

Charles holds a degree from Loyola University. As an Independent School Principal, Charles hopes to work deeper in the work of Social-Emotional Support for students, staff, and community while showing growth academy.

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