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In 2017, SDP teams worked with one of three track partners.

  • Time Track, led by Sensible Innovation: School teams designed and implemented new master schedules to organize their talent, time, technology and space to help serve all students in their schools.
  • Talent Track, led by National SAM Innovations Project (NSIP): Principals implemented the celebrated SAM Process, including the TimeTrack and First Responder systems, to help principals decrease their time spent on operational tasks and spend time where it really matters: in classrooms, with students.
  • Culture & Climate Track, led by UChicago Impact: Leadership teams focused on improving their school’s culture and climate (measured via the 5Essentials) with regular job-embedded coaching, small-group collaboratives and innovative tools and techniques.

Meet the 2017 School Teams:

Culture & Climate Track

Air Force Academy High School

Clara Barton Elementary School

Brighton Park Elementary School

Burnside Elementary Scholastic Academy

Daniel R Cameron Elementary School

Marvin Camras Elementary School

Thomas Chalmers Specialty Elementary School

Chicago Tech Academy High School

Chicago International Charter School – Loomis Elementary

Chicago International Charter School – Prairie Elementary

Grover Cleveland Elementary School

Oscar DePriest Elementary School

Edward Everett Elementary School

Fairfield Elementary Academy

Robert Fulton Elementary School

John Milton Gregory Elementary School

Julia Ward Howe Elementary School of Excellence

Nancy B Jefferson Alternative HS

Legacy Charter School of Chicago

The Montessori School of Englewood

William B Ogden Schools

Frank W Reilly Elementary School

Nicholas Senn High School

Spencer Technology Academy


Time Track

Milton Brunson Math & Science Specialty ES

Catalyst Charter School – Circle Rock Elementary School

Frederic Chopin Elementary School

George Rogers Clark Elementary School

Marcus Moziah Garvey Elementary School

William P Gray Elementary School

Little Village Elementary School

Mount Vernon Elementary School

Orozco Fine Arts & Sciences Elementary School

Louis Pasteur Elementary School

Asa Philip Randolph Elementary School

Acero Charter Schools – Carlos Fuentes Elementary

Acero Charter Schools – Donald J. Marquez Elementary

Oliver S Westcott Elementary School

Rowe Elementary School


Talent Track

John J Audubon Elementary School

William J Bogan High School

Willa Cather Elementary School

Richard T Crane Medical Preparatory HS

Epic Academy Charter School

Frederick Funston Elementary School

Stephen F Gale Elementary Community Academy

Charles Kozminski Elementary Community Academy

Stephen T Mather High School

Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School

Lillian R. Nicholson STEM Academy

Alfred Nobel Elementary School

Manuel Perez Elementary School

Pilsen Elementary Community Academy

William C Reavis Math & Science Specialty ES

Maria Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy

Charles Sumner Math & Science Community Academy

Woodlawn Community Elementary School

Summer Design Program

2017 Culture & Climate Track

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