Kennedi Barnett

As Communications Associate, Kennedi is responsible for coordinating internal and external communications projects, content creating for social media and assisting with writing tasks within the organization. They create newsletters, help to implement strategies, maintain databases, and draft and edit communications.

Kennedi began their career in Indiana, where they worked as reporter for Daily News in Muncie. They worked closely with the Social Media Manager at The Ross Community Center, supported a team of directors and students for Cardinal Compass PBS on campus, and was a dedicated photographer and videographer for many campus organizations. Kennedi taught an afterschool program for at-risk youth throughout college and worked as a preschool teacher in Chicago. Kennedi has worked with over 40 families in Chicago, teaching reading, writing, and art.

In 2021, Kennedi graduated from Ball State University, where they majored in telecommunications and journalism with minors in sociology and screenwriting. Outside of work, they enjoy yoga and attending a virtual ballet dance class once a week. In their free time, Kennedi is likely rummaging through old record stores looking for jazz vinyl or editing photos.

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