March 20, 2020 Blog

COVID-19 Resources for Educators

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Last updated: April 1 at 12:00 p.m.

With schools closed, we know that school leaders are working hard on the front lines to ensure we continue to meet the basic needs of our students and families and that the critical work of learning and teaching continues.

Below is a list of resources we’ve pulled together from educators, nonprofits and media outlets that might be helpful to school communities over the next few weeks. We also created a Google Drive folder to keep track of even more resources (and PDFs).

If you have other tips, tricks and materials you want to share with fellow educators, please let us know. You can complete this form, email us at or message us on Facebook and Twitter. We will continue to update this post.


For school leaders 

It can be difficult to manage a team remotely. There are a lot of recommendations on how to support team members virtually; we found this article particularly helpful. If you do plan to connect with your staff during this time, consider reading up on some virtual meeting best practices.

Several nonprofits and foundations are collecting resources as well. The KIPP Foundation has started a resource bank, including several documents to help school leaders support staff members. Turnaround for Children is offering free access to its guide on stress and the brain, which offers guidance on how to support student development during times of adversity.

For principals, Inspiring Educators, an organization that supports leadership development, is offering complimentary one-on-one coaching sessions on leading during challenging times. Learn more and sign up for a session here.


For teachers

There are a number of resources to help teachers make the transition to distance learning; take a look here for a subject-by-subject guide, which links to popular sites like Brain Pop and CommonLit.

During this time, it’s important to encourage everyone to be mindful, present and patient. Here are some pointers on how to make online learning more human. You can also find a helpful at-home SEL guide for students from a CPS teacher here. And, since teachers are human too, here’s some helpful advice from a teacher in China on what she’s learned this past month.


For students

If you’re still struggling to find the words to explain to students what’s going on, here are six tips for talking to kids about coronavirusThis comic also helps kids understand what they can do to stay safe and healthy, and this printable social story on COVID-19 can be used with Diverse Learners.


For families

Parents often look to educators for advice during a crisis. You can point them to a few helpful  articles about coronavirus and how to plan for and support children while they’re home. And to keep things fun, here’s a giant list of indoor activities for kids.


For school communities

Community members may reach out to you asking for help. This article provides information on how to apply for rent relief, unemployment benefits and other support. Others may ask for ways they can support your school. In addition to directing them to any Friends Of group, encourage them to donate to the Children’s First Fund, the Chicago Community Trust or the Greater Chicago Food Depository.