Programs for Principals and Aspiring Principals

Tailored professional development and networking for school leaders and aspiring school leaders.


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Great leadership is critical to student success.

In collaboration with the Chicago Public Schools Department of Principal Quality, The Fund invests in innovative programming that transforms teaching and learning for school leaders and their teams. Ultimately, we strive to provide strong leadership support to every Chicago public school student through our programs.

Through fully scaled programs and emerging pilots, we aim to serve leaders of all types of schools in every neighborhood in the city and at every stage in their careers. We recognize that leaders of schools that are striving for excellence despite historical and current disinvestment require more. In the interest of serving those leaders first, our program model is flexible and adapts based on cohort and leader needs. 

Participants in our programs lead 245 district and charter-operated schools. Over half of our participants are leaders of color, with 35.1% and 26.7% identifying as Black and Latino/a/x.

Affinity Groups Program

Provides Black and Latino/a/x aspiring leaders with a robust professional network, one-on-one coaching opportunities, and targeted professional development to accelerate your path to school leader roles.                                                                                                                                                


Design Suite

Provides the space, time, and resources to develop innovative solutions to some of your most pressing challenges through design thinking. Includes support to help you implement the solutions.


Leadership Bridge

Provides assistant principals with on-the-job professional development and individualized coaching sessions, in close collaboration with your principal, so you are ready to assume principalship within the next three years.


Malott Educator Fellowship

A two-year program that provides a learning community and targeted coaching to support the unique needs of leaders in school communities who are striving for excellence despite challenges like high student absenteeism and mobility as well as low housing security.


Masterclass Learning Series

Principal-led, half-day workshops providing you with tools and resources for budgeting, time management, equitable grading, filling Local School Council vacancies, community engagement, and more. Masterclasses are also eligible for IAA credit!


Professional Learning Communities

Principal-led, semester-long learning groups giving you access to your peers’ innovative practices and helping you create the conditions for continuous improvement in your school. Professional Learning Communities are also eligible for IAA credit!


Explore the 2023-24 Fund Program Map

As part of our 2023-24 program suite, we are working with 378 school leaders across Chicago — including principals, principal supervisors, assistant principals, and aspiring leaders — who support more than 139,000 students across Chicago. Select the program(s) to see all the corresponding participants. You can filter by educator role, school type,  and network. Hovering over the individual dots provides more information about the program participant and their school. You may revert to the full data set by clicking the circle arrow above the header text.

Note: If multiple participants are from the same school, their dots are adjusted so that they do not overlap.

Note: NPI Mentor Principals can be added at any time throughout the school year.










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