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Great leadership is critical to student success.

That’s why The Fund, in partnership with Chicago Public Schools’ Department of Principal Quality (DPQ), invests in innovative programming that helps school leaders and their teams transform teaching and learning. Together, and through our programs, we work to ensure that every public school student throughout Chicago has access to a strong leader.

We offer leadership development opportunities for both current and aspiring principals in all types of public schools, all across the city, through fully scaled programs and emerging pilots.

The math is simple, really: The more leaders we reach, the more students we serve. As the map below shows, school leaders throughout Chicago embrace these opportunities. Together, we support leaders in over 275 schools. Each dot on the map represents one of the 214 principals and 76 assistant principals we are working with during the 2020-21 school year. These school leaders support over 150,000 Chicago public school students every day.

Exploring the 2020-21 Fund Program Map

Explore our program participants using eight different map views. Five map views show participants by the groups being served: Total Participants, Principals, Assistant Principals, District School Participants and Charter School Participants. Three additional map views show all participants with additional demographic and geographic information: Participants overlaid on Black population, Participants overlaid on Latinx population and Participants by Community Area.

In each view, select the program(s) you are interested in to see all the corresponding participants. You can also filter by school type, job type, network and geographic region. Hovering over individual map dots map gives more information about the program participant and their school. If you click on specific dots, you can revert back to the full data set by clicking the circle arrow above the header text. Note: if multiple participants are from the same school, their dots have been adjusted so that they are located right next to each other so as to not overlap. 

Note: NPI Mentor Principals can be added at any time throughout the school year. 

Summer Design Program

The Fund's flagship program provides school teams the space, time and expertise to design innovative solutions to some of their most pressing challenges.

Professional Learning Communities

These principal-led learning groups give school leaders access to their peers' innovative practices with an eye toward improving student outcomes citywide.

Principal Fellowships

The Chicago Principals Fellowship and Cahn Fellows Program provide strong principals the opportunity to learn, grow and develop their executive leadership skills.

Additional Programs

To continue providing responsive, supportive leadership development for principals, The Fund partners with organizations and the district to pilot programs in select schools.

By the Numbers


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Invest in Chicago's Principals

Principals have an out-sized impact on their schools and communities. Any amount can make a difference.

Support Our Work

We aim to serve more than 600 principals and 360,000 students by 2023, with an emphasis on the schools that most need support.

Celebrate School Leaders

Every October, school communities, city officials, and corporate leaders join together to lift up the great work of principals.