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The Fund team invests in programming, policy, and partnerships that strengthen school leadership citywide.


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Programs for Principals

Each year, we serve over 300 principals and aspiring
principals through several program options. A BCG study found
our Fund 5 program participants were more likely to improve
than their nonparticipating peers. Our public reports suggest that
trend continues.

Programs for Principals

Policy and Reports

For more than two decades, our team has invested significant resources in advancing policy goals that matter to school leaders.
From eligibility to accountability to compensation, our model is simple: We assemble a diverse group of principals and other stakeholders;
we facilitate a process for clarifying needs
on all sides; and we work toward collective action. 

Poe F

Equity-Focused Innovation

This report showcases promising practices from participants in our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Fall Design Studio. Each school highlighted began by identifying the problem they were trying to solve and seeking input from teachers, students, parents, and community members. Through surveys and focus groups, they gained an understanding of stakeholders’ needs, perspectives, and challenges. To test and refine potential solutions, they developed prototypes of projects to adopt at their schools.

Elitzer F

Emerging Innovation in Chicago's Public Schools

Amidst hybrid learning, staffing disruptions, and community stress, Chicago’s school leaders seized opportunities to innovate in the 2021-22 school year. These 11 case studies offer a glimpse into their work and provide examples to inspire other leaders.

The Chicago Principal Partnership

The Chicago Principle Partnership Logo

The nation’s first collaborative dedicated to making principal quality a permanent lever in a citywide school improvement strategy

The Partnership is working with stakeholders who are committed to using data to inform principal-quality efforts, and to co-creating tools and solutions to address common challenges. Members of The Partnership include principals, nonprofit organizations, funders, universities, parents and community members. The Fund is proud to be a founding member of The Partnership, and to work with partners across the city to achieve sustainable change.

Principal Appreciation

In addition to our work in those three areas, we celebrate the
excellent work of principals in our public schools. Every day this includes highlighting strong educators through our
blog and reports. Every year, this includes dedicating the month of October to Principal Appreciation, engaging dozens of partners citywide in the effort. 

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