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PLCs are year-long peer study groups for Chicago’s school leaders, led by the city’s top principals. Each PLC is led by a principal who facilitates the learning experience for the participants in their cohort. Thus, PLCs serve to elevate key leadership practices, build community, and ultimately improve performance at participating principals’ schools. The program goals are to contribute to principal satisfaction and retention, while also highlighting promising practices in schools that can be shared and scaled. 

In SY22-23, The Fund is supporting 23 PLC leaders who will facilitate professional development opportunities for over 275 school leaders across Chicago. Participants will meet regularly with their peers from across the city to learn from and with one another. PLCs will fall under a variety of categories including Instructional Practices, School Culture, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism. 

“What’s exciting about being a part of The Fund? The focus on adult learning and selecting topics for my development and that of others.”

Back of the Yards College Preparatory High School
Patricia Brekke

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