Leadership Bridge

On-the-job professional development, coaching, and collaboration with your principal so you are ready to assume principalship within the next three years.


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Leadership Bridge Overview

Along with our partners at New Leaders and the University of Illinois Chicago, we provide practical, on-the-job professional development and coaching to equip you and other assistant principals with the skills you need to secure a principal position in a Chicago public school within three years.

Leadership Bridge guides you and your current principal through reflective self-assessment, collaboration, and a comprehensive leadership development plan as you prepare for the principalship and develop a succession plan. It ensures that no matter where you become a principal, you will have a smooth transition and maintain academic and cultural consistency in that school, as measured by tools like the 5Essentials. The program also focuses on successful entry planning and conducting a deep diagnosis of yourself and the school.

Leadership Bridge has placed 42% of its participants into principal roles within three years of completing the program. Approximately 30% of new Chicago Public Schools principals in the 2023-24 school year are current or former Leadership Bridge participants.


Readiness to assume the principalship at a public school in Chicago. 

Who Should Apply? 

Assistant principals in Chicago’s public schools who want to fully prepare to lead in a school similar to the one they currently serve. This program has placed 42% of participants in principal roles within three years of completion. Investment from your current principal is critical because you will work together through coaching and learning throughout the school year. If you’re ready to take the next step in your school leadership journey, click the button below!


“Being a school leader is my way of driving access and equity in my community. Leadership Bridge helped me develop the confidence and skills I needed to become a principal.”

Principal Anna Vilchez

Steinmetz College Prep High School

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