Local School Councils

LSCs play a critical role in supporting principals and school communities.


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We believe that principals matter. They attract, hire and keep the best teachers and staff in the city; they  help determine their schools’ climate and culture; and develop and implement budgets that meet student needs.

Principals in district public schools wouldn’t be able to do their important work without the support of their Local School Councils. In over 450 schools, LSCs play a crucial role in determining the leadership of their schools, first and foremost by hiring great principals. They help principals set ambitious goals for their schools, then hold school leaders accountable to ensure community perspectives and priorities are represented.

When principals and LSCs work together, students succeed. That’s why The Fund is working with Chicago Public Schools’ Office of LSC Relations and LSCs to better understand their strengths and needs and create resources for the city’s more than 4,000 LSC members.

Bilingual Workshops for Local School Council Members 

During the 2022-2023 school year, The Fund is hosting a bilingual workshop series for LSC members. These workshops will help LSC members network, brainstorm, and learn from one another while serving their community. LSC members who attend these workshops will support the development of a toolkit for principal evaluation.  

  • Tuesday, September 20th: School and Community Engagement
  • Tuesday, October 18th: Principal Evaluation 1.0
  • Tuesday, January 10th: Principal Evaluation 2.0 
  • Tuesday, February 21st: Budgets and CIWP 
  • Tuesday, May 7th: Happy Hour for Local School Council Members

If you’re interested in attending these sessions, fill out the form here.

LSC Focus Group

Are you an LSC member? Join your colleagues from across the city to advise on tools for principal hiring and evaluation.



Curious about the work LSCs do? Learn more about the important — and challenging — responsibilities of the city’s LSCs.

Hiring Toolkit

Are you hiring a principal? Find videos, guides and other resources created by LCS members to help you in your search.

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