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The Fund’s 2023 Goal

For nearly 20 years, The Fund has been a stabilizing force for advancing educational excellence citywide. Through several Chicago Public Schools (CPS) administrations, The Fund catalyzed major shifts in how the city, attracts, supports and keeps strong educators in public schools, and launched dozens of organizations and programs focused on training strong educators in Chicago.

In 2013, The Fund narrowed our focus to principals. We believed that, with the right supports, principals could transform their schools. We were right. By leveraging past successes, we were able to more than double the number of strong principals in Chicago’s public schools, while growing new systems that will sustain improvement over time.

But there’s still more work to do.

In fall 2017, The Fund launched fundraising efforts for current phase of work, “Fund 5”: a $26.5 million effort to build the systems required to make principal quality an enduring aspect of Chicago’s school improvement strategy, serving more than 600 principals and 360,000 students by 2023, with an emphasis on our highest-need schools. With this investment, we will ensure Chicago continues to lead the nation in its commitment to principals.

The future of our students—and our city—depends on it.

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Our Next Phase

Why Principals?

Invest in Chicago's Principals

Double your impact! All new or increasing donations up to $60,000 will be matched by a generous anonymous investor.

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We aim to serve more than 600 principals and 360,000 students by 2023, with an emphasis on our most vulnerable schools.

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We launched the city's first-ever Principal Appreciation Campaign. Join the celebration!