October 1, 2013

Breakthrough Schools: Chicago

The Fund, in partnership with New Schools for Chicago, secured $1 million in funding from the The Broad Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to launch a regional pilot for the Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) program – Breakthrough Schools: Chicago. This opportunity will enable local educators to apply for and receive investments to develop promising school designs that will help drive student learning.

“Educators and innovators are working hard, nationally, to develop wholly new school models that dramatically change their students’ learning experience, making it more engaging, much more personal, more relevant, and more effectively based on what we now know about how genuine learning happens,” said Andrew Calkins, NGLC Deputy Director. “This city-based extension of NGLC’s national grant making will help school designers meet that challenge through local networks of like-minded, visionary educators, which should help them develop even more promising school designs.”

Teams from more than 10 Chicago schools, the majority of whom participated in The Fund’s Summer Design Program, will spend the fall and spring working with experts to design an innovative, technology-infused whole school model. NGLC will award up to six planning grants of $100,000 each to the best applicants, and will eventually consider launch grants up to $450,000.

As a result of Breakthrough Schools: Chicago, more local public schools will apply for and receive NGLC grants, advancing the city’s position as a national leader in education innovation.

Visit NGLC to learn more about Breakthrough Schools and the specific Breakthrough Schools: Chicago opportunity.