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The Fund’s grants make a measurable, positive impact on Chicago’s public schools and the students they serve.


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Since 2002, nearly all of Chicago’s principals and 10 percent of the city’s teachers have directly benefited from a Fund-related program. Over that same period, talented principals have led educators to narrow the achievement gap between Chicago’s elementary school students and their Illinois peers. The growing number of strong educators in our schools means tens of thousands of our students are better prepared for success in our global economy.

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Amount: $1,300,000

Year: 2016-Present

The Principal Quality Database is a single source of information about principal quality and designed to help drive improvements across the principal continuum.

Amount: $125,000

Year: 2016-Present serves as a repository for all information pertaining to the The Chicago Principal Partnership and its programs.

Amount: $75,000

Year: 2014

The Fund invested up to $75,000 to conduct due diligence around talent management structures and systems that best support principals.

Amount: $60,000

Year: 2017

The Fund will invest $60,000 to create systems and structures that ensure maximum stakeholder engagement.

Amount: $140,000

Year: 2016

In 2015, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Principal Quality Working Group recommended that Chicago establish an independent organization to support citywide efforts to accelerate and improve principal quality.

Amount: $55,000

Year: 2016

In order to provide principals with targeted, differentiated in-role supports, The Fund will make grants to a series of coaching organizations throughout SY 2015-16 and 2016-17.

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