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Principal Quality Nationwide

Thanks to the generous support of The Joyce Foundation, The Fund is spreading its effective principal practices to other regions across the country through the Principal Quality Community of Practice.

The Principal Quality Community of Practice is a gathering of 20 organizations and nonprofits from 14 cities across the United States. Our first two-day session, hosted in June 2018, focused on using The George W. Bush Institute’s Principal Talent Management Framework and Kotter’s Change Model as a frame for thinking about their area’s particular principal challenge.

The Principal Quality Community of Practice will provide a structure to learn from researchers and practitioners, provide opportunities to practice and implement a key strategy related to principal quality, and provide a network with the intention of accelerating progress in each community.  

Principal Quality Community of Practice members are expected to:

  • Lead sessions where they have expertise and identify leaders they want to learn from.
  • Identify a strategic focus for their work in the community; this could be a focus on a particular element of principal quality (e.g. improve pipeline programs) or an aspect that crosses the continuum (e.g.improve data systems and processes that inform quality).
  • Participate fully in both their own work and in the work of their small group members, offering feedback and supporting others as they engage in their area of focus.

By the Numbers



3.6 million




Participating Organizations

Participating Organizations are committed to providing structure, opportunities and a network focused on principals in order to accelerate the progress of public education across different cities and regions in the country. Currently participating organizations include:

Blue School Partners

The George W. Bush Institute  

Center for Collaborative Education

The Chicago Public Education Fund

Detroit’s Children’s Fund

Education Forward DC

Gates Family Foundation

Graces Foundation

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund

The Joyce Foundation

Kauffman Foundation

The Kern Family Foundation

The Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Lynch Leadership Academy

McKnight Foundation

The Mind Trust

Minnesota Comeback

Neubauer Family Foundation

Rainwater Charitable Foundation

SchoolSmart KC

Teaching Trust

Tennessee Score

Upcoming Community of Practice Events

Session 2: Data Systems | November 2018 | Chicago

  • This session will focus on the use of data in all aspects of principal quality work and will allow small groups to work together on early implementation challenges.

Sessions 3: Programming | March 2019 | Fort Worth, Texas

  • This session will offer examples of effective programs in key areas of principal quality, principal preparation, professional development and retention. Small groups will begin to discuss assessment.

Session 4: Policy & Fundamental Conditions | June 2019 | Boston

  • This session will provide an overview of several policy initiatives across the country that impact principal quality and lay the groundwork for effective school leadership. Small groups will discuss next steps based on the first implementation cycle.

Session 5: Lessons Learned and Next Steps | October 2019 | Chicago

  • This session will foster group and individual reflection on the work accomplished and the work ahead, and will identify clear opportunities for community of practice members to continue to support one another.

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