Principal Quality Community of Practice

19 organizations and nonprofits from across the nation come together to prioritize principal quality. Their work will impact 3.6 million students nationwide.


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Principal Quality Nationwide

Thanks to the generous support of The Joyce Foundation, The Fund is spreading its effective principal practices to other regions across the country through the Principal Quality Community of Practice. This is The Fund’s first national program.

The Principal Quality Community of Practice is a no-cost accelerator program for nonprofits focused on principal leadership as a lever for school improvement. This program utilizes a cohort-based model to create collaborative spaces to rapidly advance projects that transform principal quality in districts across the country. Over the course of five content sessions, the cohort explored The George W. Bush Institute’s Principal Talent Management Framework and Kotter’s Change Model as a frame for thinking about their area’s particular principal challenge.

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Participating Organizations

Participating Organizations are committed to providing structure, opportunities and a network focused on principals in order to accelerate the progress of public education across different cities and regions in the country. The first cohort included:

The George W. Bush Institute  

The Chicago Public Education Fund

ForwARd Arkansas

Great MN Schools

Holdsworth Center

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund

The Joyce Foundation

The Kern Family Foundation

Lynch Leadership Academy

Memphis Education Fund

The Mind Trust

Neubauer Family Foundation

Opportunity 180

Principal Impact Collaborative

Rainwater Charitable Foundation

Successful Pilot Learning: 2018 – 2019 Principal Quality Community of Practice

In 2018 and 2019, we successfully ran a pilot of this Principal Quality Community of Practice, which resulted in the launch of two district departments of principal quality and several principal-focused programs nationwide. Our core team has combined 15+ years of experience in schools and districts, and our data team is widely recognized as among the strongest in the country.

Over the course of 18 months, 20 organizations from across the country participated in a series of convenings focused on principal quality. Our national colleagues built and executed projects to improve principal leadership in their communities. Each session provided a deep dive on a necessary component to advancing this work. 

Topics included: data systems, policy and fundamental conditions and programs. We had an average participant satisfaction of 91 percent and saw ongoing participant collaboration between sessions. 

As a result of this learning, the Community of Practice impacted student achievement at both the national and state levels.

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