New Leaders

New Leaders recruits, trains and supports aspiring school leaders. It provides an alternative pathway to the principal position for educators without an administrative (Type 75) credential, in addition to professionals working inside the school district, including coaches, teachers, assistant principals, school-based staff and Central Office staff. After a rigorous selection process, fellows attend a summer seminar for intensive training from a faculty of local and national experts. Fellows then spend one year as residents under the tutelage of mentor principals. Upon completion of the residency, fellows are eligible for principal positions. Fellows also receive ongoing professional development and support during the two years after their fellowship. New Leaders provides special training for candidates aspiring to open new and/or small schools. The Fund made the seed investment in the New Leaders program.  New Leaders continues to train 25 to 40 potential principal candidates in its Aspiring Principals Program and 50 to 70 teacher leaders in its Emerging Leaders Program annually. New Leaders was a founding member and is now one of ten programs in the Chicago Leadership Collaborative (CLC).  The CLC is a unique partnership between the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and leading principal development programs. It provides the District with unprecedented capacity to develop, attract and retain high-performing principals from internal and external sources, making Chicago a “destination of choice” for aspiring urban school leaders.  More information about the CLC is available here.
  • Over 70 principals placed in CPS schools; around 70 percent lead in high-need and high-achieving or improving schools.
  • As part of the CLC, New Leaders trains 25 to 40 potential principal candidates in its Aspiring Principals Program and 50-70 teacher leaders in its Emerging Leaders Program.
  • Nationally, New Leaders principals have received recognition for closing the achievement gap.

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