In-role Principal Support

In an effort to meet the individual development needs of CPS principals, The Fund has organized a series of workshops oriented around specific topics of interest to augment other professional development opportunities provided to principals. In 2015, we have hosted sessions covering three topics: –  The 5 Essentials, presented by UChicago Impact as a two-part workshop, wherein educators explored ways to improve culture and climate in their schools. –  Distributed Leadership, featuring Respond-ability, wherein principals explored concepts behind distributed leadership discussed performance management techniques and processes to help align their work with their student achievement goals. –  Scheduling and Budgeting, presented by Furman Brown, wherein principals will learn how to utilize school schedules to best leverage time, technology and talent to help principals create solutions for some of their most pressing challenges. In addition to workshops, The Fund is investing in Teach For America to provide tailored executive coaching for sitting principals, supporting engagement, effectiveness and retention in-role. Throughout Fund 4, The Fund will continue to invest in similar types of opportunities to engage and support CPS principals.

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