Summer Design Program 2014-15 Report

In 2013, The Fund launched the Summer Design Program (SDP), a professional development opportunity that provides principal-led educator teams in Chicago with the time, space and expertise to find innovative new solutions to long-standing challenges in their schools. To demonstrate the challenges, successes and overall impact of the SDP and Innovation Implementation process, and to help partners learn from this work, we profile four schools in this report. 1. Belmont-Cragin Elementary School improved literacy by redesigning its schedule to better utilize resource teachers and personalize reading instruction. 2. John Spry Community School grew the number of proficient primary readers by involving parents and technology to help increase reading time at home. 3. Lindblom Math & Science Academy empowered families to navigate the selective enrollment process through a mentoring partnership with a local elementary school and informational open houses. 4. James Monroe Elementary School ensured 100 percent of its eighth grade class enrolled in a best-fit high school option using personalized high school counseling supports. Read the full report to learn more about each school and the SDP.

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