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Our New Year’s Resolution is to make Chicago the best city
in America to lead a public school. Will you join us?

As public education evolves to meet new college- and career-readiness demands and the individual learning needs of students, one constant remains: the strength and dedication of our principals and teachers are essential to providing a world-class education for all.

We all have a memorable educator who shaped our lives; a teacher who unlocked our passions, a coach who encouraged our big dreams, or a principal who invested in our future and challenged us to reach our potential. Great educators transform learning every day and change lives forever.

The Fund remains a champion for a simple idea – change in education happens in schools, and our best schools are led by great principals and their teacher teams.

We’re launching this news to amplify the voices of our city’s best principals and to tell the positive stories we see in our schools. We invite you to celebrate their triumphs – you can start with Gerardo Arriaga, Ginger Lumpkin and Barton Dassinger, three examples of great public school leaders! – and to join us each Friday as we share a new story.

Together, we can make Chicago the best city in the nation to lead a public school. See you back here on January 1!

– The Fund Team

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