Armando Sanchez

As the Associate of Educator Supports, Armando is responsible for supporting The Fund’s efforts to generate ideas, based on the data we collect, to better meet the needs of the educators we serve. Alongside the other Educator Supports team members, he helps to design and test communications that appeal to educators on multiple platforms by successfully recruiting educators for The Fund’s programs and events.

Armando grew up on Chicago’s Southwest Side and was a student within Chicago Public Schools, attending both district and charter schools. Armando recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW–Madison) with a Bachelor of Science in education policy studies and a certificate in Chicanx/Latinx studies. He joined The Fund because he wanted to give back to his community, and by working within education, he believes he can make the most impact. 

Before joining The Fund, he worked as a college readiness mentor for UW–Madison’s PEOPLE program, where he tutored and mentored students from the Madison and Milwaukee areas until his graduation. He is excited to return to the city and grow with The Fund’s vision of better opportunities for school leaders in Chicago and seeing Chicago’s education sector continue to grow.

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